With an Introduction by Eli N. Evans

John L Loeb, Jr., Kathy L. Plotkin, Margaret Loeb Kempner, and Judith E. Endeiman

Combining lively stories from family members with genealogical research, this biography is a glowing, intimate portrait of Adeline Moses Loeb (daughter of a founder of Sheffield, Alabama), and eight earlier generations of her American Jewish family. Part One recounts Adeline's young life in Alabama and St. Louis, Missouri, followed by her life in New York City married to Carl M. Loeb, founder of the legendary Wall Street firm, Loeb Rhoades. In Part Two, Adeline's grandson John L. Loeb Jr. describes the family's close relationship with the Sons of the Revolution and the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the national museum exhibits of early American Jewish life, sponsored by the Loeb family. Finally, in Part Three, historian Judith Endelman chronicles the stories and lineage of the Moses family, dating back to the 1600s.

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"Adeline Moses Loeb and Her Early American Jewish Ancestors is an extraordinary tapestry composed of variously colored threads— of anecdote, of biography, of gossip, of memoir, of scholarly genealogy, and of rich American history."

- Stephen Birmingham, author of Our Crownd and The Gradees

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